Aug 30

8/30/16: Data Corrected; New Links

We have corrected the Oregon 2014 illegal immigrant driver’s license policy (see Data), which was repealed by ballot initiative in November 2014. We have also added links to the just-released 2016 edition of Freedom in the 50 States. We also have added some new publications.

Jun 01

6/1/16: New Database Uploaded

All the state and local public policies have now been updated to year-end 2014. There is now a biennial time series from 2006 to 2014, plus 2000, for nearly all of our hundreds of policy variables. In addition, some variables, like some fiscal and alcohol policies, are available annually back to the 1970s, 1950s, or even 1930s. Click on “Data” above or this link.

Nov 21

Update (11/21/14)

We are now in the process of updating and expanding our data once again. This round of revisions should be complete by February 2015, and will bring the data up to December 31, 2014.

As a sneak peek at the new data, we are offering for download our new spreadsheet on occupational licensing, completely revamped, corrected, and updated. Some of the occupational licensing data now go back to 1984. Click on the Data section and scroll down to find the new spreadsheet.

May 21

Update (5/21/13)

The “summary” spreadsheet with all policy variables mistakenly did not include the policy ideology indices (policy liberalism and policy urbanism). That has now been corrected. Go to the Data page for the updated summary_11.xls spreadsheet with policy ideology indices.

Mar 31

Update (3/31/13)

The new edition of Freedom in the 50 States has been released. The spreadsheet for the project is located here. The online tool at (click “Personal Rank”) lets you customize the freedom index by dropping certain categories or variables. However, if you want to tool around with the weights for greater customizability, you’ll need to download the spreadsheet, which contains instructions on use.

Feb 27

Update (2/27/13)

The new state and local public policy data are here! The new datasets track state and local public policies as of December 31, 2010 (date of enactment) or Fiscal Year 2010 for fiscal data. In addition, the new datasets include many more variables than prior versions of the database, including an entirely new spreadsheet for “miscellaneous economic regulations.” Finally, we have coded back almost all of the variables to 12/31/2000 (and fiscal variables back to 1957!), for the first time permitting analysis of state policy change over a full decade. As usual, the “summary” file contains all the “top-level” variables useful for constructing indices of policy ideology.

Jun 28

Update (6/28/2011)

We have identified and corrected an error in one of West Virginia’s workers’ compensation policies. Thanks to an alert reader for pointing out the error. The new labor regulations spreadsheet has been uploaded, and the freedom index has been updated. With the change, West Virginia rises one spot in economic freedom, to #39, and one spot in overall freedom, to #35.

Jun 10

Update (6/10/2011)

Thanks to an alert reader for notifying us of an error in the gun control dataset. Texas was incorrectly coded as licensing dealers. The corrected gun control spreadsheet is now available in the Data section. Texas falls slightly on the “severity of gun control restrictions” index with the change, and switches places with Mississippi in the personal freedom ranking (now #12 rather than #13). Its overall freedom ranking remains unchanged. The new Freedom in the 50 States dataset is available in the relevant section.

Jun 10

Fox News Covers Freedom Index

Freedom in the 50 States 2011 has been receiving a good deal of media coverage lately, but the biggest television coverage so far has been a four-minute segment on Fox News:

Freedom in the 50 States on Fox News

Jun 07

Update (6/7/2011)

Freedom in the 50 States 2011 has been released. Go here to download the study and use the interactive tools.

Here at, you can find all the data used in the study. On our page for the study you will find the spreadsheet used for creating the freedom rankings, which you can download and use to create your own, personalized freedom rankings.

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